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Like healthcare, legal services should be affordable & accessible. Here are a just a few of the ways we can help.

Employment Law

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& Defense

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New Practice Start-Up

Medical Coding Bill


Medical Insurance Contract

Employment Agreement Review

We take a comprehensive approach to contract review including compensation analysis and evaluation of restrictive covenants including non-compete provisions.

Contract Negotiations

Using the Harvard Method, we help you prioritize your goals and develop realistic negotiation strategies. We can negotiate on your behalf or prepare you for self-negotiation.


Legal advocacy upon termination of employment is critical to ensure equity and

preserve your future professional wellbeing.

New Job




Feeling unsatisfied? Contact us for new professional placements.


& Defense

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Legal & Regulatory Counsel

Health law's constant and rapid changes create compliance challenges for both individuals and practices. Let us help you understand what the law is and how to best manage your compliance hurdles.

License Defense

Licensing board complaints and medical staff actions, whether substantive or frivolous, provoke anxiety. Our complaint response and case management arms you with the best defenses to help preserve your licensure and livelihood.

Defense Against Professional Bullying

If you are the target of bullying in the professional setting, you are not alone and we can help.

POMP Academy

Bespoke Services

DPC | Direct Specialty Care | Concierge | Partnerships

Hybrid Practice Models | Medicare Opt-Out

Staff Agreements | Ancillary Documents

Lease Review & Negotiation

Essentials Package

POMP Academy is a structured curriculum carefully designed to maximize the efficiency of your start-up process.

Your four Homework Assignments align your Professional Philosophy with your market realities, followed by Office Hours for triage & problem solving as we tackle thorny issues like practice/delivery models, Medicare/Medicaid participation, fees, regulatory compliance, and more.

  • Entity Formation & Governing Documents
  • Up to four hours of legal counsel in the form of Office Hours, voice & email start-up support.
  • Patient Agreement (single practice model) & Five Other Necessary Practice Documents

Physician / Provider Owned Medical Practice (POMP)

Start-Up Program



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8547 E. Arapahoe Road | Suite J-417 Greenwood Village, CO 80112



2013 | University of California | Berkeley | Boalt Hall School of Law

2006 | Mills College | Master of Arts

2002 | California State University | Sacramento | Bachelor of Arts


I am blessed to have worked with kind, smart doctors, providers, and mental health professionals over the past 24 years. My early career started in front desk reception, back office management, and medical billing; so, unlike most attorneys, I have intimate knowledge about the challenges of healthcare settings. As a health lawyer, I combine my top-tier legal education with real world problem solving to help you tackle whatever obstacles come your way. I am licensed to practice law in California, Colorado, and Washington, as well as on federal matters that commonly affect healthcare practitioners.

I love working with lifetime learners so I take an educational approach to legal services to better empower you and your professional wellbeing. I am a certified life coach which enables me to tailor my approach to your specific goals, values, and objectives.

While you take care of patients, let me help take care of your legal services needs.